Appointments & Fees


To schedule an appointment, simply call me. I will return your call the same day, although it may take a while if I’m seeing clients. You may feel free to email me few particulars about your situation. I will still talk with you to get additional information about your problem and make sure I can help you.

Your first appointment will last 75-90 minutes. Thereafter, sessions are one hour.   My office hours are Mondays through Thursdays.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to complete the “intake” forms. I will leave a clipboard in the lobby with just your initials for privacy. When you are done, flip switch #2 to let me know you are here.

Fees And Payment

My fee is $150.00 per hour.   Payment is made at the start of each session by check, cash, Visa or MasterCard.  This enables us to end the appointment with a clinical focus, summarizing our discussion and determining what will be helpful for you to do between sessions.


Currently, the only insurance I accept is Medicare.  However, some plans will reimburse you a portion of what you pay me.   If you wish to submit a claim to your insurance company, I can tell you what questions to ask them and provide you with the documentation you will need.

Should I Request Reimbursement From My Insurance Plan?

The biggest consideration here is your privacy and health record.  In order for you to get reimbursed by your insurance company, I have to give you a mental health diagnosis, (like depression or anxiety, for example).  Insurance companies do not cover treatment for stress, relationship problems, bereavement. This is worth considering if you purchase your own insurance or might need to in the future:  you may not want a mental health diagnosis on your record.

If this issue is relevant to you, I will be happy to discuss it further, as well as how you can afford to see me and pay for it yourself.   [See: How Much Does Therapy Cost?]

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

The cost of therapy depends on the length of treatment. As a generalization, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in which I specialize is not long-term therapy. Change and improvement can be accomplished in three to four months of weekly or biweekly sessions, depending on the number and severity of the problems.

Of course, each individual is different. Once we pinpoint your problem(s) and goal(s), I can give you an estimate on the length of time it will take. This typically takes several sessions. One approach to make therapy cost effective is to prioritize the issues you want to work on: you can address the most pressing problem, take a break, and come back again to address another problem.

If you are using insurance, your cost is your co-pay (or percentage) of my fee. If you have an annual deductible to meet, you will need to satisfy that before your insurance kicks in.

Please note that it is your responsibility to verify your mental health benefits. I can tell you the specific questions to ask your insurance company. Please also note that if your insurer fails to pay, you are ultimately responsible for the cost of therapy.