Getting The Most Out Of Therapy

To arrive at your destination, you need to have a road map. To get the most out of psychotherapy, it’s essential to identify treatment goals. This is not as easy at it sounds. Often people start therapy without clear-cut goals. In fact, it’s not unusual for people to be unsure about what is really bothering them.

As a Cognitive Behavioral therapist, it’s my job to help you identify the problem(s) and outline a treatment plan. Then together we determine the best way for you to reach your goals. One mistake some clients make is skipping around from problem to problem versus sticking to one or two identified issues and making headway before moving on to other problem areas.

Two cornerstones of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that help clients get the most out of therapy are setting an agenda at the start of each session and doing “homework” in between sessions to practice the skills you are learning.

Another important aspect to getting the most out of therapy is giving me your feedback about how you are experiencing therapy: what’s working for you, what isn’t and how you feel about our relationship. I make it a point to elicit your comments, positive and negative, as we go along in therapy to make sure that we’re “on the same page.”