From a 72 year-old woman treated for Panic Disorder and fear of flying:

“I consulted Randy Weiss for help in managing claustrophobia and panic attacks. I never thought that I could feel comfortable in an airplane. I no longer dread flying because Randy helped me to understand that the anxiety was triggered by a part of the brain that was trying to protect me. I worked on retraining my brain. As a result, I am no longer afraid of the physical feelings triggered by claustrophobia and I can manage them. Randy even drove me in her small 2-door car so that I could practice the techniques for reducing and stopping the panic attacks. She worked with me on the problem and I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with panic attacks.”

Testimonial from a man treated for depression and Social Anxiety Disorder:

“During the past 33 years, I’ve spent time with at least a dozen mental health professionals, a select few for many years. Randy is a highly trained and effective behavioralhealth specialist. If anxiety or panic issues affect how you interact with humankind, Randy’s techniques can be very effective. She’s taught an old dog how to shake hands better and cower in the corner less.”

From a woman treated for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and panic attacks:

“I contacted Randy to help me with an acute bout of anxiety. It started with high levels of stress throughout the day, but then evolved into relatively frequent panic attacks. It began to disrupt my sleep, family life and work life. I didn’t know what was happening to me, and my family was quite concerned. I knew that I needed to get some help and wanted someone who specialized in anxiety. Over the course of several weeks Randy helped me tremendously. Her first approach was to help me understand the causes of my anxiety, and then she gave me several tools/exercises to use throughout the week. She is highly skilled as a therapist in addition to being patient, compassionate and professional. I’m glad to say that I’m no longer suffering from any panic attacks, and I’m able to work and take care of my family with a new sense of assurance.”

From a 35 year-old man treated for Panic Disorder with agoraphobia:

“I just wanted to thank you sooo much for getting my life back on track. You helped me a couple of years ago. An since then I’m traveling, playing sports hanging out with friends – – and got married. You probably don’t remembeer, but I just wanted to say Thank you!!!!”